Welcome to the Montserrat National Trust.

The Montserrat National Trust, established by statute in February 1970, has been at the forefront of preserving and conserving the cultural, historic and archaeological heritage of the Island.

Please spend time browsing at the activities and events that the National Trust has embarked on during the recent past such as the Flower Show, the Garden Party, hikes during the year, and most recently the exhibits of Montserrat’s Mountain Chicken. Also take the opportunity to read up on information on the Galliwasp, Montserrat’s indigenous reptile.

As part of its ongoing program the Trust continues to host and facilitate archaeological surveys conducted by experts from universities in the U.S.A., Brown University, Columbia University and Wayne State University. A welcome addition to this activity has been the introduction of workshops facilitated by the Archaeological Teams with students from the Montserrat Secondary School. Continue to visit us online and you will see students participating in the surveys being conducted in the Little Bay area.

Members and friends of Montserrat National Trust we appreciate your interest and we will endeavor at all times to involve you in the work of the National Trust and seek your comments on the program of events and activities that we are undertaking.

Dulcie James,

MNT President

18 July 2014.

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