Archeological sites and heritage


Montserrat Museum and Archaeology  

The Trust Manages the Montserrat Museum in Little Bay where exhibits display and inform on Montserrat’s History and Culture from pre-Columbian era to Modern day. The Trust also manages an adjacent Little Bay Estate as an Archaeological Project which explores the plantation works on the site. This is done in conjunction with visiting archaeologists who conduct archaeology classes in the summer months for secondary school students. Artefacts from this and other sites are also on display at the Museum.

Other Sites

Many sites which are of environmental and historical interest are kept in Trust for the people of Montserrat. These include areas on both sides of ravines in the Beachettes area. The Trust also maintains Woodlands Beach House as well as a number of nature trails which traverse the Centre and Silver Hills.

In summer 2013, The Montserrat National Trust hosted local students for the Archaeology summer programme in the Little Bay 17th century Heritage Project. This Project is directed by Archaeologist Jessica MacLean, a Phd student from University of Boston partnership with Archaeological Institute of America.



Habibata Kassim mounting an Exhibit

Little Bay Archaeology Summer Program students are introduced to the basics of excavations by project member Jade Luiz. (Photo by Jessica MacLean)

Archhaeologist with MSS Students at Little Bay Archaeological Site









© Credit photo: Montserrat National Trust

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