ICT Cadet, AYPA and MNT Staff are part of ICT Training programmes


We are happy to announce that MNT received an award through the Government of Montserrat National ICT Policy and  Implementation Strategy. The Trust applied for this Project April 2015.  This ICT initiative is funded  by Government through resources from the European Union and  MNT Project will focus on and continue the work started under the British Library Endangered Archive Project . One of the Cadets D’Andre Lee has already started her ICT Training  at the Trust and two others will be trained as the programme progresses.  On Saturday October 10th a group of young people from the AYPA was also engaged in training to digitize the Anglican records which date back to the early 1800s.

Indeed, as a result of this ICT training programme, our staff will be skilled to digitize endangered  records from all sectors of Government, Churches, and the MNT to meet UK standard in Archiving.  They will also be trained in cataloguing using the PastPerfect Software for easy handling and retrieval of information.

Furthermore, the MNT will be more efficient in responding to population requests for historical documents and archives photos, and will ultimately lead to safeguarding and better management of documents and artefacts in sustainable way.


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