Flower Show 2014: Plans at an advanced stage

The much awaited  Flower Show for this year will take place as planned between the 4th and 7th of December. This year’s theme, ‘Reflections’ which is vast in interpretation will see community groups also taking part in the Display section.

The panel of Judges will remain the same as in 2013 although two new judges will replace some judges from last year who will be away. The Flower Show this year is likely to surpass last year in terms of participation judging from the number of people registering and those inquiring. Although the deadline for registration was November 21, 2014, most participants have asked for the deadline to be extended. So late entries will be entertained this whole week.

Here is a link to a website that can help those taking part in the Flower Show identify the name of their plants by just typing the name of the  plant in the search bar www.Montserrat-Today.com.


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