37 Volumes of Books of Deeds from Government Registry (dating from 1749 up to 1892)

As part of the Government ICT project, the Montserrat National Trust is continuing its programme of cataloguing and digitistaion, which began in 2014 under the British Library funded Endangered Archive Project. Books of Deeds from the Government Registry Container have been prioritised for this project, as well as the Trust’s own archives and historic records,…

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National Symbols Exhibition.

        To get a more informative perspective  of the Exhibition that opened to the public yesterday , visit the Montserrat National Trust to learn more about the island and other influences on Montserrat .


Exhibition 2013

The Montserrat National Trust reorganised the museum at little bay and focus the exhibition on Colonnisation, Salvation and Emancipation. The exhibition is available from 21st of july. Have a quick look on it, and come to see the entirely history of the island. Invalid Displayed Gallery