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ICT Cadet, AYPA and MNT Staff are part of ICT Training programmes

  We are happy to announce that MNT received an award through the Government of Montserrat National ICT Policy and  Implementation Strategy. The Trust applied for this Project April 2015.  This ICT initiative is funded  by Government through resources from the European Union and  MNT Project will focus on and continue the work started under the British Library Endangered Archive Project .…

MNT team - Floralie

Montserrat represented by MNT in Martinique

  From June 15th to 21st 2015, Montserrat was one of the twenty country guests to the fourth edition of the International Floralies in Trois-Ilets (Martinique). The International Floralies introduced a concept called : “Caribean project”. This purpose of this project is to transform Caribbean area into floral eco-cultural garden. Montserrat National Trust team represented by National Trust Director, Sarita…

Francesca Franchi 1

Archivist attends a Museums Workshop in Barbados

  Visiting Curator/Archivist, Francesca Franchi, represented the Montserrat National Trust at a museum workshop in Barbados from June 17-19, 2015 . Museum Education in the Caribbean was organised by the Commonwealth Association of Museums, the International Council of Museums Barbados Group, the Museums Association of the Caribbean and ICTOP, the training committee of ICOM, and hosted…

endangered archives material

EAP Pilot Project Completed

The Montserrat National Trust Endangered Archives  Pilot Project is now completed. You can visit the British Library via the link below; http://eap.bl.uk/database/results.a4d?projID=EAP769;r=41

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Extra, Extra Read All about It!

The Montserrat National Trust Newsletter is now available. This is the first issue for 2015 with all news you may have missed for the last half of 2014. Find the link below to open the PDF file. MNT Newsletter March 2015

Leatherbound Act of Assembly 1668 to 1740

St Patrick’s Rolls Into Full Swing.

  The hard work put into the Endangered Archives Project  is now bearing fruit as the Montserrat National Trust opened an exhibition on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 with exhibits that illustrate how Montserrat is moving into gear with the latest technology in the preservation of documents. Visiting the St Patrick’s Exhibition titled “AWE Heritage- a…

Min of Agriculture, Honorable Claude Hogan.

MNT holds a EIA Workshop

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool to support development planning by making environmental sensitivities, threats and opportunities explicit to decision-makers. If used appropriately it can help to balance economic, social and environmental factors in the decision-making process, minimise unavoidable damage and reduce mitigation costs. Montserrat faces considerable challenges in terms of environmental sustainability due…

Winners’ List of the 2014 Flower Show

Below is the link to the entire list of winners for this year’s Flower Show that took place at the Montserrat National Trust which also houses the Botanical Gardens between the 5th and 7th of December 2014.   2014 Winners’ Sheet for the Flower Show

Mrs S. Davis

The Flower Show, lives up to its billing

The pomp and fun fare over this last weekend will linger in most people’s memories for a long time. The just ended MNT Flower Show and Tea party were a resounding success with over two hundred entries to this year’s show surpassing last year’s participation figures. Donna Henry was the Champion exhibitor, walking away with…

Flower Show 2014: Plans at an advanced stage

The much awaited  Flower Show for this year will take place as planned between the 4th and 7th of December. This year’s theme, ‘Reflections’ which is vast in interpretation will see community groups also taking part in the Display section. The panel of Judges will remain the same as in 2013 although two new judges…