In collaboration with the IUCN (link), the Montserrat National Trust  is extending its plant nursery to start propagating native species,  with a special focus on endemics. The plant material produced will be  available for sale for public or private landscaping, and for  volunteer community projects (schools, adopt a home for wildlife…).
There are several goals for the project:
–    To promote the use of native species for landscaping in an effort  to preserve and value the local biodiversity, and reduce the use of  resources (native species are adapted to the local conditions and  don’t require as much water and fertilizer as some imported one).
–    To allow the restoration of degraded ecosystem by making sure  native species are available for replantation.
–    To increase the population size of several endemic species  (island or regional endemics) by planting them in private gardens or  public spaces, therefore reducing the risk of disappearance of those  species.
We welcome any suggestion or remarks.


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