Centuries ago, history was shared orally but as civilization developed more and more documenting was done on the events which shape human existence. Humans like creating lasting records which help us nowadays to find partial answers to our origins or to understand our evolution even to get instructed in infinite subjects.


Montserrat National Trust has as its mandate the recording, protection and conservation island’s historical and environmental heritage which influence the identity of the island of Montserrat and its population .


We are lucky to have in our Library a collection of books, documents and photos of Montserrat which we are happy to share with the general public.We are also pleased to help you in your research on more information about our island, by providing books not only on history but also other wide topics such as (Birds, Flora and Fauna of Montserrat and its neighbours.


You can find also past and current publications on the work of the Trust over the last 45 years.


Come and have a look on what we have. We are sure that you will find some treasure!


Our library is accessible to all public free of charge. Please call us for an appointment to visit with us for that purpose.

© Credit photo: Montserrat National Trust

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