The MNT 2014 St Patrick’s Exhibition highlights the many cultures that have influenced Montserrat . The Amerindians, whom the Spaniards met in 1493 named the island Alliouagana. Their influence can be seen in the way we use manioc or cassava as a source of food .

Women’s and Mens’ National Dress

Women’s and Mens’ National Dress

The influx of the European colonists and Africans resulted in changes to the name of the island, its governance and its culture . While the flag and the Crest bear the symbols of the English and the Irish rule of Montserrat ,traditional food,music,dance are predominantly characterized by African customs brought to Montserrat by enslaved Africans who laboured on Sugar Plantations across the island . The duckna ,roast potato and breadfruit can be attributed to this .

Some African instruments are on display . It was the African that is the genesis of the masquerade  and woo woo drums and  the string band that influenced the soca rhythmn made famous Legendary “Arrow” Cassell internationally known for his 80s’ hit Hot Hot Hot which sold over 4 million copies worldwide .


The Legend Alphonsus "Arrow" Cassell 's Corner in the Exhibition

The Legend Alphonsus “Arrow” Cassell ‘s Corner in the Exhibition

As the MNT plays its part in highlighting contributions of individuals , groups and countries to the Montserrat cultural milieu , it is with great pride that in this exhibition we pay tribute to Proffessor Sir Howard Fergus and Proffessor George Irish for their exemplary and dedicated scholarship , vision and leadership .

Professor George Irish

Professor George Irish


Sir Howard Fergus

Sir Howard Fergus

Visit the Montserrat National Trust to see this very informative yet intriguing exhibition . Admission is$ EC 5.00 OR $ US 2.00 . For children admission is free .


© Credit photo: Montserrat National Trust

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  1. Good Afternoon:

    I am looking to find a copy of “Montserrat, West Indies: A Chronological History” By Marion Wheeler, published by the National Trust in 1988. Your help would be appreciated.

    Yours truly,

    Ken Roueche
    Victoria, British Columbia

    • Hi Ken,
      Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest.
      We apologise for the late response, the website was not functioning for a while.
      Unfortunately, this book out of publication at the moment. If you are still interested in Montserrat history we would refer you another book written by Montserratian author. You will receive the references by e-mail.
      For more information, feel free to contact us through email at : mnatrust@candw.ms
      Hope that it can help.
      The MNT Team

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