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  • The Trust’s main objectives are: to conserve and enhance the beauty of Montserrat; to preserve and rehabilitate historical sites, including but not limited to buildings, monuments, documents, chattels etc; to preserve the fauna and flora of Montserrat; to make the public aware of the value and beauty of the island’s heritage; to pursue a policy of preservation and act in an advisory capacity; to acquire property for the benefit of the island; to attract funds by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests and grants for the effective carrying out of the objects; to compile a photographic and architectural records of the above.



  • The dedication of its many volunteers has kept the Trust alive and has been vital to the institution completing its many projects. The membership includes the local community, the vibrant Montserrat population now living overseas and many friends of the Trust who make their home on the island.



  • The Trust’s daily operations are run by an Executive Director who manages a staff of five with its organisational oversight provided by an Executive Board. It relies on a number of Member Volunteers who form a number of Committees who all work with the Executive and staff to achieve the mandate of the organisation. Some important Committees which function to promote the work of the Trust are:
  • Historical, Archaeological and Museum Committee;
  • Botanic Garden, Wildlife and Vegetation Committee;
  • Public Awareness, Membership and Editorial Committee;
  • Environmental Education Committee
  • Maintenance Committee
  • The Trust obtains its operating income from fund raising events, the Government of Montserrat, projects, donations and membership’s fees.
Contact Information:
Sarita Francis
Executive Director, MNT
Organisation Type: NGO
Email: mnatrust@candw.ag
Tel: 664 491 3086
Fax: 664 491 3046
facebook: Montserrat National Trust


About the Montserrat National Trust Team


President:               Dulcie James
1st Vice President:   Stephen Mendes
2nd Vice President:  
Secretary:               Dorothea Hazel
Recording Secretary: Pat Ryan 
Treasurer:                Roselyn Cassell Sealy
Floor Members:         Susan Edgecombe 
                              Nancy Reynolds
                              Claude Browne
                              Beth Breuer
Executive Director:    Sarita Francis 
Office  Manager:       Jean White
Exhibition /
Librarian Assistant:   Donna Henry
Gardeners /
Trail Guides:             Philemon”Mappie” Murraine
                              Victor Browne

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