Montserrat Museum Cookbook – New Cookbook!

You just moved in the island, you don’t have the use to cook with Caribbean vegetables?

You’ve been in the island for long and you’re used to cook chicken and baked potatoes, but you would like to revise your cooking style and try new recipes? Or you just like cooking and want to try different flavour from Montserrat and overseas?

A number of local dishes are featured, and there are mouth-watering reminders of the great food served at the Coconut Hill Hotel, Vue Pointe Hotel, Montserrat Springs Hotel, and the Belham Valley Restaurant and all other food establishments in pre-volcano Montserrat.

The Museum cookbook has been out of print and out of stock for many years due to the ravages of Hurricane Hugo, and the relocations caused by the volcano which have resulted in many of the original copies being lost or damaged beyond one.

Come at the gift shop of MNT headquarter and get a revised edition of the Museum cookbook compiled by the Friends of the Montserrat Museum, some of whom are no longer with us.

More than 300 recipes are available…. Sure you will find your taste!!

Where to find us?

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