Montserrat represented by MNT in Martinique


From June 15th to 21st 2015, Montserrat was one of the twenty country guests to the fourth edition of the International Floralies in Trois-Ilets (Martinique). The International Floralies introduced a concept called : “Caribean project”. This purpose of this project is to transform Caribbean area into floral eco-cultural garden.

Montserrat National Trust team represented by National Trust Director, Sarita Francis, National Trust assistant Ms Donna Henry-Prize Winner of last year’s MNT Flower Show. They were accompanied by one of the 2014 MNT Flower Show organisers, Chris Daniel, and Adviser Anthony Tangkai who all help to laying a magnificent stand to represent Montserrat beautiful flora.

We believe that this trip will be a start point to open the national Trust to international exchange and then provide more visibilty for Montserrat tourism. We also get more competences in enhancing our natural and  natural and floral wealth.

We really enjoyed sharing with organisations that are willing to develop Caribbean beauty, and reiterates our thanks to Martinique team and Caribbean project for inviting and receiving us.


MNT team - Floralie

MNT team – Floralie in Martinique





MNT Team and Adviser Anthony Tangkai - Setting up the stand

MNT Team and Adviser Anthony Tangkai – Setting up the stand


















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